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Avicenna Journals (Advancements in Science) is an scientific publisher with 36 peer-reviewed, open access journals covering a wide range of academic disciplines. When publishing in any of AS’s journals, authors retain the copyright of their article, which is freely distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License, permitting the unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction of the article in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.



Biomedical and Life Sciences Business and Economics Chemistry and Materials Science Computer Science and Communications  Earth and Environmental Sciences Engineering Medicine and Healthcare Physics and Mathematics  Social Sciences and Humanities                


Recently Published Articles

 Journal: Advances in Biology, Biotechnology and Genetics
by: Alireza Shahin-Shamsabadi and Ata Hashemi
Volume 3 (2016), Issue 3, Pages 13-20
by: Elsayed Haroun Khamis Akel and Sohair Mostafa Allam
Volume 3 (2016), Issue 3, Pages 01-12
by: Bhupinder Dhir and Rabi Narayan Sahoo
Volume 2 (2016), Issue 1, Pages 01-08
by: Karina D. Martínez, Cecilio Carrera Sanchez and Ana M. R. Pilosofa
Volume 1 (2016), Issue 1, Pages 01-13
by: Arkady Voloshin
Volume 2 (2016), Issue 3, Pages 01-09
by: Krishnan Kannabiranb and Lakshmipathy Deepika
Volume 3 (2016), Issue 2, Pages 01-08
by: Ali I. Al-Mosawi, Shaymaa Abbas Abdulsada, Muslim M. Ali
Volume 2 (2016), Issue 1, Pages 01-07
by: Eleonora Cipriani, Sara Bernardi, Maria Adelaide Continenza
Volume 2 (2016), Issue 1, Pages 01-07


Journal: Advances in Water Science and Technology

Article: Fluoride Toxicity in Ground Water of Banas River Basin Area of Jahazpur Tehsil, (Bhilwara, Rajasthan, India) and Its Impact, Causes and Prevention
by: Parmeshwar L. Meena, Anoop S. Meena, Kamod S. Meena and Prabhud K. Jain
Volume 3 (2016), Issue 1, Pages 01-11


Journal: Advances in Pharmacy Education and Practice

by: Mohammad Asif
Volume 1 (2016), Issue 1, Pages 01-12


Journal: Advances in Life Science and Medicine

by: A. S. Dolgikh, Y. O. Mykhalko, I. I. Kutchak, I. I. Patskany
Volume 2 (2016), Issue 2, Pages 12-17
by: Yuriy Mitrokhin
Volume 2 (2016), Issue 2, Pages 01-11


Journal: Advances in Biology, Biotechnology and Genetics

Article: Wonder Herbs Having Anti Asthmatic Activity Present in West Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh, India- A Mini Review
by: Venkata Narasimha Kadali, Kameswara Rao Kindangi, P Sudhakara Rao, B V Sandeep
Volume 3 (2016), Issue 1, Pages 01-06


 Journal: Advances in Chemistry and Materials Science

Article: Physical and Optical Analysis of Erbium doped Magnesium Zinc Phosphate Glass
by: M. R. Sahar, S.K. Zain, N. A. Ishak, E. S. Sazali, N. M. Yusoff
Volume 1 (2015), Issue 1, Pages 01-06


 Journal: Advances in Chemistry and Biochemistry Sciences

 Article: Preliminary phytochemical and in-vitro pharmacological evaluation of whole plant extracts of Ziziphus nummularia Burn. f.
by: Manjusha Choudhary, Ojashvi Sharma, Nitesh Choudhary, Vikaas Budhwaar, Vineet Mehta
Volume 3 (2016), Issue 1, Pages 01-09
by: M. Ekeoma Nwankpa
Volume 2 (2015), Issue 4, Pages 01-08



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